Appendix 2

Some brands and suppliers providing products free from artificial perfumes in/to the UK

  1. Aloe Pura: Details at Products include shampoos, conditioner, lip balm, sun care, moisturisers and lotion. The website has changed since I first viewed it, and I have not had time to search it again thoroughly, but a few sample searches revealed only products free from artificial perfumes.
  2. Beaming Baby: Baby wipes, nappies, bath and skin care
  3. Bio-D: Laundry, washing-up and other cleaning products, disinfectant, polish
  4. Clear Spring: Details accessible from Washing-up products and laundry liquid
  5. Culpeper – see Napiers
  6. Deodorant Stone: Roll-ons and sprays as well as the original stones
  7. Earthbound Organics: Creams, moisturisers, lip balm, cleansers, mud mask, toners, body butter, mother and baby products, skin balms, massage oils, soaps.
  8. Earth Friendly: An American site, but some products are available from UK-based Spirit of Nature (see below) and possibly elsewhere in the UK. Polish, drain cleaner, laundry liquid, window cleaner, pet stain and odour remover, degreaser, air freshener, washing-up products, carpet shampoo and other household cleaning products
  9. Eco-Essentials: Unscented skin, body, hair-care and cleaning products for men, women and children, products fragranced with essential oils, and reusable feminine hygiene products. Supplier states that all products are free from artificial chemicals. Run by an individual sensitive to fragrance and chemicals
  10. Ecover: Laundry, washing-up and other cleaning products, hand soap, shower gel
  11. Faith in Nature: Hair care (wide range), hand washes, soaps (wide range), bath and shower products
  12. Green People: Range includes hair care products, shower products, liquid soap, deodorant, cleansers, toners, creams, eye gel, lotions, body oils, lipsticks, mother, baby and child products, men’s toiletries, suncare, tanning lotion and household cleaners.
  13. Health Quest: Sub-brands Organic Blue, Earth Friendly Baby, Vital Touch. Essential oils for vaporising into the air, bath and massage oils, lotion, hair care, shower and bath products, baby wipes, soap, cleanser, skin creams, butters and balms, base oils, floral waters, and products for pregnant women and new mothers.
  14. Honesty Cosmetics: Wide range of cosmetics, toiletries, essential oils, hair products, sanitary products, cleaning products and other items, own-brand and others. NB I have not checked all the products featured on the website, and the perfume range is not free from artificial chemicals; you will need to carry out further checks on the individual products or manufacturers’ websites.
  15. Howard Naturals: An American site, but there are some UK suppliers, such as the Cotswold Company at
  16. Jason Cosmetics: A wide range of toiletries and some other brands, not all checked
  17. Lavera: Good range of toiletries and cosmetics, including baby and child care
  18. Moom Hair Remover:
  19.  Napiers/Culpeper: Essential oils, carrier oils/bases, flower waters, bath and shower products, hair care, soaps (wide range), mother and baby care, cleansers, creams, lotion, toner, scented cushions, scented candles (wide range) and pot pourri
  20. Natracare sanitary and baby products: lists some retail outlets.
  21. Skincare Café: Moisturiser, cleanser, face mask, lotion, body firming gel, anti-ageing skin oil and serum, scented candles
  22. Spiezia Organics: Foot and body balms, hand salve, lip balm, after-sun oil, bath oil, moisturiser, toner, creams, cleanser, body oils, men’s toiletries, baby care, soaps, ointment, room sprays
  23. Trevarno: Suncare, soap, face cream, toner, moisturiser, baby care, lip balm, ointment, hand care, bath oils, men’s toiletries
  24. Weleda: Includes baby care, cleansers, bath products, soaps, cellulite oil, deodorants, lotions, creams, face and body oils, moisturiser, facial care, men’s shaving products, lip salve, hair care, ointments
  25. Zilo/Zielonka ‘Smell Killers’: available from and also from Natural Collection (see below)

N.B. I have not attempted to verify the claims made for these products.

There are other brands which feature artificial perfume-free products, and there is also a number of online shops which sell a range of them, for example the Honesty website cited above and

information supplied by Vivien Pomfrey MSc